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1994 World Cup USA

1994 World Cup USA

from 40.00

SIZES: Uncut 19x25 (can be matted to 18x24)

European Standard A2

COLORS: Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink

PAPER: French Starch White 140# Cover

Shown Framed — Prints will not come with frame.
Frame sold during group show.


In 1994 I saved my pennies bagging groceries at the IGA and went on a 2-week trip to France and Spain. All the restaurants I went to had these "football matches" on the televisions with other patrons ravenously and passionately watching and cheering. Around 8 years later I finally became interested in the beautiful game and I came to learn that while I was over there, many Europeans were over here. I had the ultimate FOMO as I would have loved to have watched some of these matches.

When I create a poster from a time period I like to put myself into the shoes of a designer of that time. I would have been inspired by the crazy neon-colored and patterned kits of the early 1990s to create this poster. Also, I would have looked back at the history of soccer posters and would have been influenced by the Italian Moderne typography. I would have wanted to create a signature visual like the epic bicycle kick — this time delivering our world into the back of the net!

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